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Meet the artist, Johanna Curelo.

Hi there. I was born and raised on the east coast and now live on the Oregon coast with my husband and 3 kids. I come from a family of creative people. We were encouraged to play music, draw, paint, and write. There was somewhat of a expectation to perfect whatever we attempted. Early on, this was sometimes restrictive. However, over time I learned that perfecting a craft was not the same thing as doing it perfectly, or exactly. 


I'm a busy working mom who finds time to breathe with my easel, paints, & watercolors by my side. I’ve been creating art for as much of my life as I can remember. My art has always been my safe space. I've explored most styles of art making, but don't see myself as creating one particular styles. The process of intuitive art making has been the most healing, the place where I often find myself. My art allows me to breathe, to heal, and express what lives in my soul.

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